“I would absolutely use Avant Card again when communicating to an under 30 demographic. It’s a fabulous way to build awareness of a program, a production, a company, an event…  As it was our first VOyage specific campaign in quite some time I’m really pleased with the pickup rate as an indication of initial interest/curiosity. The response rate of those entrants wanting double passes was steady, particularly from those in their mid to late teens, interestingly. A good starting point.”

Alexia Jordan, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Victorian Opera

About the Avant Card campaign for the VOyage eNews subscriber promotion “The company had been working with Avant Card years, I think since 2013, with large overall success – so using Avant Card for the VOyage (Opera for Under 30s) campaign was a no-brainer. I personally love so many postcards and campaigns run through Avant Card, and I think it’s an important medium and a clever means of advertising for a wide range of organisations – particularly those in the arts. Avant Card work with so many incredible arts organisations, and their artwork is always fabulously presented in great locations.
I wanted something available to the public that they could take home and own… put on their desks at uni, or their inspiration boards… or physically pass them onto family, friends and colleagues. This is what Avant Card provides – I still have some postcards that caught my eye from years ago!”

 The post campaign reports are great – particularly the Proof of Posting. This gives you a real indication of how the design of your campaigns stack up, so to speak, alongside other campaigns and within various venues. The post campaign report for our first VOyage campaign will assist us so much moving forward from a design and distribution perspective. Customer service is incredible. I look forward to receiving my packages from Avant Card which include great examples of the latest postcards/campaigns. Thank you for these!

 About the VOyage program Victorian Opera’s VOyage (Opera for Under 30s) is a program for young people with a passion for the arts – incredible opera and musical theatre – run by young people who share this passion. As a company we offer cheap tickets to our 30 and Under audience as we believe art should be for everyone – this VOyage price type is a strong component. Through our program we host events for our VOyagers to meet, and there are always giveaways and competitions that our VOyage eNews subscribers can enter. This year we’ve partnered with sustainability legends Dumbo Feather, and VOyage is evolving into a program bigger and better than ever – a program that speaks in a meaningful way to its young and passionate community.

With the support of Kanesan Nathan, Marketing & Communications Manager and the entire Marketing department, I coordinate the VOyage program and VOyage campaigns. I’m so excited because there is so much potential in this program. It had been several years since Victorian Opera had run any VOyage specific campaigns, and Avant Card was the perfect channel. We wanted to accompany eye-catching artwork (you can’t miss the bright purple!) with an offer to experience one of two VOyage operas from our 2016 Season – to build awareness of the program, develop our younger audience and facilitate the acquisition of subscribers to our eNews list. If the result was even one out of three, the campaign in many ways was a success.