Regional Flavours

Regional Flavours

“Avant Card is an integral part of many of our event marketing strategies, allowing us to deliver tactical campaigns to targeted audiences. As a medium, Avant Card allows us the ability to reveal our content in a strategic manner throughout the campaign period, in order to maximise the desired customer response.”

“We would use Avant Card again as it is an excellent medium to convey the volume of information we need in a timed and targeted way.”

“We choose to use Avant Card because it gives us campaign cut through for our target audiences and we can release information in a timely manner in order to stimulate specific responses. South Bank’s in house designer, Lloyd Seymour, designs the creative concepts seen on our various Avant Card campaigns.”

Kaili Brown, Marketing Manager, South Bank

About the campaign
Avant Card Postcards and Branded Display Banners on Regional Flavours were distributed in May- June 2014.  Regional Flavours was held 19 & 20 July at South Bank Parklands, Brisbane.

Over the Avant Card Campaign period:

  • The Regional Flavours website attracted over 59,000 visitors over the campaign period
  • 2014 saw 75,000 people attend Regional Flavours over the weekend, 5,000 more than in 2013

“The event has grown to a comfortable capacity and we only expect modest growth from this point. In 2014 visitation was good, visitor experience ratings were excellent and a significant proportion of attendees had had advance exposure to the marketing campaign, prompting attendance.”

Branded Display Banners

Outdoor Banner

On Display: May/June 2014
Distribution: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in 50 venues

About Regional Flavours
South Bank developed the free food festival concept, Regional Flavours, six years ago as a means of giving back to the producers of South East Queensland and to provide a signature food and lifestyle event accessible to Brisbane locals.