La Boite, Come Play With Me

La Boite – Come Play With Me

La Boite program doubles entry numbers with Avant Card

Queensland-based independent theatre company La Boite have been working with Avant Card since 2010 and in 2012 produced a postcard for the first time to promote their independent season callout to play writers. The results showed an increase in the number of entries for its indie season program, including a wider range of entries from intrastate and interstate artists and production makers, as well as an increased amount of visitors overall.

La Boite realised there was a need to diversify and expand its entry base beyond Queensland-based artists and theatre makers after three successive years showcasing independent productions by locals.

It recognised that using Avant Card’s national distribution network was the single best way to achieve this, particularly after experiencing several successful performance card campaigns with Avant Card.

The crux of this campaign was a call out inviting artists to ‘Come play with us’ in 2013 as part of La Boite’s indie season program.

Avant Card as key print campaign tool: Avant Card was the only print collateral used for the call out campaign for entries from new artists and the sole print medium of choice for La Boite.  It was supported by a digital campaign, driven by electronic direct mail and social media.

Distribution x 10,000 postcards into Sydney & Melbourne

Adam Brunes, Marketing Manager at La Boite said, “Our indie program entered its third year in 2012 with six remarkable independent productions by Queensland-based artists and theatre makers. However, to ensure that La Boite Indie continued to grow and expand, we felt it vital to reach out to interstate artists and the best way of doing this was by using Avant Card’s extensive distribution network.

It was our goal for 2013 to curate a season of work comprising brilliant independent works from both local and interstate artists and this was definitely achieved with the help of Avant Card.”

Great results:
From 28 applications for the program, 11 applications (40%) were from interstate artists with four out of six productions programmed created by, or feature, interstate artists.

There were 28 applications for the 2013 La Boite Indie Season; 11 from interstate artists – a 100% increase on last year’s figures. Applications for the 2013 La Boite Indie Season doubled from 14 in 2011 to 28 in 2012. When the program started in 2010, there were just 10 applications. This is a 180% increase in applicants in just three years.

There was also an increase in traffic to during the Avant Card campaign period. Compared to the monthly average visits for December 2011 – November 2012 (5,717 visits per month), the visits April-May 2012 were above average at 5,891 visits per month.

Avant Card is pleased to be the key print component in this call out campaign for new artists and entries nationally. Avant Card continues to be a complementary print medium working hand-in-hand with online and social media digital campaigns and a targeted, cost-effective tool in call out campaigns for arts and culture venues.