Gyuto Monks

Gyuto Monks

“In terms of the success, the numbers were up for all events compared to previous years and we sold 60% of the images, which in the current art market climate is a huge success,” says Tobi Wilkinson, Tobi Wilkinson Photography

“The overall attendance at the pavilion was up on the previous event in 2012. The pavilion told me that they applied my averages and tallied the numbers and the grand total for the gallery was 6413. Not only that, but the numbers were up from the time we opened the doors which is interesting as sometimes it takes a few days for the numbers to build but that was not the case this time. The Mo readings and personal puja’s were extremely popular; we averaged 33 per day with some days the numbers up in the 60’s.”

“I was very happy with the exhibition attendance, the gallery numbers were between 75 to 300 daily,” says Tobi Wilkinson, Tobi Wilkinson Photography.

About Tobi’s relationship with Avant Card
“I will definitely use Avant Card again in the future. It was an effective way of disseminating the information and this year I particularly tried new geographical areas and got feedback that it reached the target audience. I’d probably consider going even wider next time. Secondly, the team involved in the printing and production showed amazing care and concern and dedication that the image came out the best it could. We hit a few hurdles and they were passionate about getting it right. Great team to work with.” 

I’ve been working with the Gyuto Monks since 2009 after meeting them in in 2008. The campaign originally came about in 2010 by way of an exhibition I had at The Bondi Pavilion. The exhibition allows the Gyuto Monks to run a 2-week program of adult mediation talks and workshops and craft classes for children for free at the pavilion. It also works as a fundraiser for the monastery as all the proceeds from the sales of the pictures go directly to the monastery. I have used Avant Card for all 3 shows that I’ve had at the pavilion, being 2010, 2012 and most recently 2014.

I chose Avant Card because I myself am a big fan and I always check out the stands to see what’s happening around town and to enjoy the different artwork and presentation of the various cards. This year was the first time we chose to do the folded poster format. I was at first a bit nervous as I love the traditional Avant Card and I didn’t want to let that go but it proved to be exactly the right way to go. There were a lot of positive comments about the ‘card’ on all levels. The layout was easy to read, it was eye catching and it stood out amongst other cards on the stand – many people commented that it was a work of art itself and still have it hanging from their fridges.

The other media and marketing tools that we used were Sydney Posters, my website and the Gyuto website, online magazines and blogs, print media including SMH and The Telegraph.”