High School Postcards

Avant Card currently supplies free high school postcards to approximately 100-selected high schools across Australia. We are seeking new topic suggestions from you…

We are seeking topics in line with the national curriculum and related copy from high school teachers (and other learning professionals) in return for a naming credit, and up to 500 copies of the relevant postcard.

Your copy will be matched with a cool, eye-catching graphic and design by the Avant Card design studio, and then turned into a postcard or series of postcards. In the past, we have had teachers send in artwork made by students as part of a school project or assessment, which is something you may also want to consider.

In this way, the cards acts as fun and funky, easy accessible learning tools for your students.

What’s involved?

All you need to do is enter your details here along with your new topic suggestion and 200 words (maximum). No matter your chosen discipline, all suggestions are welcome and will be considered for inclusion by our team. You will be contacted by us if your submission is successful.

For examples of the style of information we are looking for:

High School Postcard Suggestions Form

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