WilderQuest Learning

“We hadn’t used Avant Card before, but one member of our team had used the Rubix cards in a previous job and the team felt that it was a creative way of promoting our WilderQuest Learning program. We thought it would engage our audience and also reinforce the fact that the program is innovative and fun.”

Kim Rendell, Education Team Leader, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

About the WilderQuest Rubix Card by Avant Card

“The Education team of National Parks came up with the idea to do a Rubix (special finish) card for WilderQuest Learning. 5000 Rubix postcards were created by Avant Card on Wednesday 9 March 2016.”

“We will use them to promote the program in various marketing activities, including school mail outs, education events and presentations.”

“We really liked the cards and they have been very well received. We still need to track results but these are looking quite positive so far. The team were great to work with and we would consider using Avant Card again or perhaps other similar interesting/creative solutions.”

About WilderQuest WilderQuest is a multi-award winning program that blends natural and digital worlds to nurture a life-long love of nature in children and encourage visitation to national parks.

WilderQuest Learning was launched in January 2016 and it is the result of extensive research and hard work with various experts and educators. WilderQuest Learning is a valuable and free digital resource for students and teachers to explore authentic Australian environments, develop knowledge and skills through games and activities using interactive digital technology and inspire an interest in the living world and natural environments.

The WilderQuest program is an initiative of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS), a part of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH).

For more information on WilderQuest Learning, please visit: www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/wilderquest-learning