The University of Canberra iPod Dock Campaign

The University of Canberra

iPod Dock Campaign

Recently the University of Canberra released a Freecad Media Campaign that  worked on a number of levels to resonate with the youth market, drive consumer interaction and prolonged brand engagement. We’ve broken down how the campaign worked to show you the nuts and bolts of this smart strategy.

The Campaign Objective: The objective of this campaign was to increase reach into the high school market and raise the profile of the University of Canberra amongst students that may one day, become the University’s future enrolments.  The overall theme of the campaign was consumer interaction and brand engagement.  The campaign centred on the use of a Career Finder App to engage the audience long term and from a tactile perspective consumers could interact with the special execution Freecard to convert it into an iPod dock for their desk.

The iPod Dock – Special Execution: To initially attract the audience and drive consumer interaction, a unique Freecard special execution was used; a die-cut and fold that converted the flat Freecard into a 3D iPod desktop dock. The nature of the design immediately grabbed the attention of the youth market and worked well in conjunction with the Career Finder App to activate the audience. In addition,  due to the functional nature of the Freecard, the name University of Canberra, their website and Career Finder App, would remain at the forefront of the consumers’ minds, as it sat on their desks – fantastic for prolonged brand exposure and recall.

The App: The Career Finder App, accessible via the QR Code printed on the Freecard  (or online) helps users decide on what career they would like and how they can achieve it. The App includes features such as a full or quick quiz, events and the ability to book guided tours of the uni campus– all tools well-suited to students as they start to consider their future career and study options. This innovative offering by the University of Canberra allows students to start questioning and exploring options or their future, while at the same time, interacting with the University’s brand.

The Campaign – Production & Distribution: The campaign consisted of 40,000 Freecards being produced and distributed. 20,000 were distributed by Avant Card in Sydney and Canberra to high schools and other youth-centric locations including selected retail sites, cinemas  and arts and culture venues. The remaining 20,000 cards were used by the client to supplement the advertising of the Career Finder App at the Canberra CareersXpo, University Open Day and interstate expos.

The Campaign – Measurement: The success of the campaign will be measured by the popularity and usage of the App, in terms of the number of downloads and participation in the App career community, which will over the longer term, ideally lead to applications to the University of Canberra.

From the Client: Avant Card worked closely with the University of Canberra to make their vision for this campaign a reality.  Monica Fettell, Advertising Campaigns Officer Marketing & International, University of Canberra said:

“Working with the Avant Card team is always easy and pleasant. We had an idea that we thought would be great cross promotion with our App and Avant Card worked with us to make it possible.”

Avant Card Campaign Advice: If you are interested in reaching your target audience in an innovative way, using special executions or incorporating a QR Code into the overall strategy, contact the Avant Card team today. Our Campaign Managers are ready to chat strategy and our Design Team is full of ideas on how to make your campaign stand out in the displays and resonate with your target audience.

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