Seniors Film Festival

Young at Heart 11th Seniors Film Festival case study

The festival is designed with and for seniors, the fastest growing cinema-going demographic in Australia. It showcases brand new unreleased films one week each year, in cinemas across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and for the first time in 2016, Brisbane. More than a selection of films, the festival is an inclusive social event for film lovers aged 60 and up. From a small community event in the Sydney suburb of Randwick in 2006, it’s grown into a well-loved national festival with a stellar line-up.

“The main reason I like to work with Avant Card is the effectiveness of the distribution: the displays are in prominent locations, often at eye level, in all the venues that matter… and they look great. Avant Card proved the right choice, and audiences more than doubled. There’s also something to be said for an organisation that truly understands the arts: Avant Card feels like a partner, not a supplier.” Mathieu Ravier, Director, The Festivalists

The Festivalists have worked with Avant Card the past two years for the Young at Heart Seniors Film Festivals. 

“Having always been interested in graphic design, I started collecting my favourite Avant Card postcards as a teenager in the early 90s, So I’ve known about Avant Card all my professional life. I use them whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

“In 2014-15, we went from a single-site in Sydney to a 5-cinema festival across three states. It was an ambitious and sudden growth, so we needed a marketing partner who could propel us onto a national stage.“

“In 2015-16, we added a 6th cinema in Brisbane, and our audience jumped 30%. More significantly perhaps, the average attendance per screening increased by 20%. That’s a great result considering the marketing spend is minimal and remained stable. Our communications strategy involves a variety of community, government and media partners, and benefits from a loyal audience that returns every year, but there’s no denying that the Avant Card campaign plays a significant part. Avant Card displays are in most cultural venues, so they’re an effective way to reach inquisitive audiences, whatever their age.”

40,000 postcards were released on Wednesday 24 February in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane this year at cafes & bars and arts & culture venues in the Avant Card distribution network targeting an older audience.

“For this year’s film festival, which targets baby boomers, we produce a 32-page mini-guide that is the main tool our customers use to book films. Half the battle is creating an eye-catching design which appeals to our target audience. The rest is up to Avant Card. With high quality printing, they really do justice to the quality of the design. Combine that with their unrivaled reach in the capital cities where the festival takes place, and you’ve got the makings of a great campaign.”

“We were thrilled with the results of our Avant Card campaign, and grateful for the advice and support that came with it. The team at Avant Card really get the arts, and their suggestions and feedback proved priceless, as did their freely available case studies and market research documents.”

“I think the next time we work with Avant Card, I’ll venture beyond the standard printing and distribution, and investigate some of the clever and eye-catching customisations that can push a campaign beyond its natural reach.”

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