Sustainability at Work

Campaign Name: Summer Jobs in Forestry


Campaign Objective: Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) launched its national forestry summer jobs campaign in mid September to University students. The aim of the campaign was to widen the potential pool of students studying forestry by increasing awareness of these summer work opportunities. This was a campaign where industry working together (by marketing all the available summer jobs) could increase the pool of possible candidates and also promote the benefits of the sector as a career – everyone is a winner.
The Avant Card postcard directed the target market to go online for more information/to find a career in forestry.

Campaign Strategy: The postcard was designed to drive students on-line to a) find out more information and b) register to receive updates on summer jobs in forestry.

Target Audience:  University students

Postcard Description:  A striking creative in black, white and green, depicting an abstract picture of a tree that in place of leaves, has various icons relating to careers in forestry. The image is accompanied by the tag line ‘The best summer jobs are growing on trees’ and the campaign website.

Production & Distribution: Avant Card produced 11,000 postcards and distributed 6,000 to Universities across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Canberra. FWPA used the remaining postcards for other marketing purposes including: distribution on campus by FWP ambassadors, distribution to participating companies and by FWPA.

$4334 + gst (print and distribution)(approx 39 cents per postcard)

Other Media: The Avant Card campaign was part of a wider FWPA investment plan to promote the benefits of the sector to future employees as well as highlighting the opportunities to study forestry at an undergraduate and post graduate level.
This marketing campaign included:
•  Avant Card 6 week promotion across 7 campuses;
•  a dedicated website, which highlights the summer positions available, key industry information, and courses and scholarships available in forestry;
•  online display advertising across key student websites;
•  email marketing campaign to university student database;
•  advertising on commercial and university job boards;
•  on-campus posters; and
•  student ambassadors to promote the campaign and to talk to students about the summer jobs available.

Results:  To date the campaign results have been overwhelming with over 8,000 hits to the website and over 1200 students studying science, agriculture, environmental science and forestry registering their interest.
The majority of hits on the website (the call to action) came direct to the website or via Google, which meant students were keying in direct from collateral or remembering to key in ‘growing careers’ into the search engine.  
Also the campaign demonstrated how well qualified the hits were with an 84% conversion rate of those going to the registration site after logging onto the home page.

Feedback from the campus ambassadors highlighted the postcards were an excellent engagement tool and the students found them attractive.  They also said that the students understood the message and felt that the creative matched the message.

Client Quote: 
“The results clearly indicated that the students came directly to the website. This could have only been via the postcards or posters – which reinforced the creative of the postcard. This was a highly successful campaign which far surpassed our expectations.  And the postcards appeared to be the glue that reinforced the call to action.”

Tania Crosbie and Melissa Houghton
Directors – Sustainability at Work and project managers for the FWP summer jobs campaign