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Engineers Australia – Make It So

Campaign objective:
 The objective of Engineers Australia’s public Awareness Campaign, Make it so, and other public awareness activities including Australian Engineering Week, is to change the way the Australian public think and talk about engineering. As would be expected, as an organisation they have well established channels to engage their members, but to engage the general public in activities and conversations related to engineering is a challenge.

Campaign strategy:
 To target the community as a whole and ensure premium coverage, the mini-mags were distributed to a wide range of venue types and geographic locations, nationally. The format of the mini-mag was chosen because it allowed the campaign to present multiple messages and creatives in a cohesive and creative style. The mini-mag was designed so that as the audience turned each page, they were confronted with a new concept. The aim was to present ideas that got the audience thinking and wanting to know more. The back page provided further information and a directive to the website.

Target audience: 
General community, nationally.

Mini-mag description:
 The design of this mini-mag was bold, clean and simple to ensure that each concept stood out. Each double page featured a strong image on the left and the words ‘Make it so’, followed by a related short statement in large text on the right. Crisp white backgrounds enhanced the design and message even further.

Production and distribution:
 Avant Card produced 140,000 mini-mags. 40,000 were distributed throughout the Avant Card network to venues including: cafes and bars, arts and culture, retail sites, tourism, universities, high schools and regional hot spots. 100,000 were delivered to the client and distributed by Engineers Australia staff at over 200 events in the lead up to Australian Engineers Week in August 2010.

$34,520 + GST (print and distribution) 
approx 25 cents per mini-mag

Other media:
 Make it so website (, a mix of PR and Social Media.

 As a result of this activity, from February to May 2010, Engineers Australia managed to engage over 100,000 members of the Australian public in the competition phase. With very little above-the-line advertising spend, this was viewed as a great success and in order to continue the momentum they maintained these activities in the lead up to Australian Engineering Week (2 – 8 August) 2010 (also hosted on the Make it so website:

Since May, Engineers Australia can see that almost 50% of the traffic coming to the Make it so site is coming into the site direct (not via their corporate site, Google, or social media channels), with their PR and Avant Card campaigns seen as contributing significantly to this success. More promisingly are the recent reports that indicate that around and during Australian Engineering Week, the Make it so site was getting up to 6,500 hits per day.

‘Whilst we cannot see as yet where this traffic originated from, we are more than satisfied with the return on our investment, and are confident that we have selected the right mix of promotional activities to engage the public audience,’ said Andrew Mackay, Manager Marketing Services, Engineers Australia.

Client quote:“We chose the Avant Cards option because, when they are interesting enough, they have a perceived value and quality and reach people when they’re relaxing or looking for a short distraction. Avant Cards can easily be timed for release nationally and are an effective means to reach the wider public audience. We also believe it complements our Social Media/web promotion as it can reach a segment of the Australian public that might not be as trusting or receptive to online promotions.
In the lead up to Australian Engineering Week, we wanted to do something more – something that would entice the recipient/viewer to visit the Make it so site, but would also showcase some of the creative ideas that had come in via the Make it so competition – ideas from the Australian public, of things they would like to see engineers make so. We were already toying with the idea of illustrating a book using some of the interesting (and crazy) ideas that the public had submitted for the Make it so competition. When we applied some ideas to the mini-mag format, the result was a clean design that was both eye catching and thought-provoking.
For more information about the Make it so campaign please visit, otherwise you will likely see another Avant Card enticing Australian’s to visit the site during the next stage of the Make it so campaign.”

Andrew Mackay – Manager Marketing Services, Engineers Australia