Deakin Dual Award Program

Deakin Dual Award Program

“In addition to 5 enrolments, we had 13 expressions of interest, which exceeded our expectations. We would absolutely use Avant Card again. It has been a great channel to test and we will be considering this for future course promotions,” says Stephanie Moore, Marketing and Alumni Manager.

In addition to this, the following statistics were also achieved over the Avant Card campaign period:

  • Organic generated the most visits with the least bounce rate. This could partly be attributed to the Avant Card postcards.
  • Referral traffic generated again accounted for the highest average time spent on the site with over 2 min, which indicates the quality of this traffic was high.

“Total page visits, across our 2 unique landing pages, throughout the campaign period was 2572. Unfortunately due to campaign timings, this cannot be compared to the same period as the previous year, however the page visits are very pleasing,”
says Stephanie Moore.

About the campaign
20,000 postcards were released in Melbourne and Sydney on Wednesday 4 February throughout cafes and bars and arts and culture venues in both metro and regional areas.

“We reached our enrolment target of 5 students into the program and this was achieved fairly quickly. We will be asking students to confirm how they learnt about the program, in an effort to measure our marketing effectiveness.”

“The cards were printed beautifully and I hope to be able to provide some further comments on how these were received, once we have spoken with students.”

“Other areas within Deakin have used Avant Card, but I believe this is a first for the Arts and Education Faculty.”