Brisbane Marketing – Christmas in Brisbane 2016

“The Christmas in Brisbane (South Bank) Avant Card was a striking piece of collateral that promoted the campaign directly to our key target audience. We chose Avant Card to print our programming collateral as it not only serves a pre-promotional purpose, but on-the-ground as well.” Jasmin Hawke, Marketing Executive, Brisbane Marketing.

On Wednesday 16 November 2016, 10,000 Christmas in Brisbane Avant Cards were released in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, and in regional suburbs within a two-hour drive of Brisbane – Ipswich, Toowoomba, Caloundra and Noosa. The creative featured three types of foiling (red, gold and turquoise), as well as a Shazam photo recognition link that took consumers to mini site with all the event information. The back of the card outlined the four main events taking place in Southbank Parklands – the Christmas Markets, Christmas Fireworks, Christmas Carols, and Christmas Beach Cinema

The Christmas in Brisbane events were also promoted via a range of other channels. “Christmas in Brisbane (South Bank’s) traditional marketing campaign promoted the event via outdoor precinct and event signage, ambient media, City Cat TVC advertising, print collateral, outdoor marketing and a traditional media buy. Christmas in Brisbane’s digital campaign featured promotion via website, EDMs, social media, digital advertising and a competition.”

As a result of the overall campaign, there was a total of just under 300,000 people in attendance over the whole South Bank program. The Avant Card campaign generated 92 unique Shazam opens.

“The Christmas in Brisbane (South Bank) Avant Card foiled postcard formed the ambient element of a targeted marketing campaign to drive attendance to the event. The card was a good platform to promote the South Bank program in a take-home format. The card included a Shazam element that allowed consumers to snap a photo of the card, leading them to a mini site which included all the key Christmas programming information. This was a part of the tactical digital/print integration approach and while the campaign didn’t yield a large amount of uptake, it was a good medium to hit the core Christmas age group – 24-35 year olds.”