“Avant Card is one of the few promotional mediums with a presence in schools. It’s a great way to reach students and teachers in a fun and engaging way.” 

“We chose to promote Screen It through Avant Card primarily because of its national school network but also because the cards are a great visual communication tool and appeal to school-aged students.”

“We set an ambitious target of 500 entries. Although we ended up with 365, the actual number of students involved was 1637, 70 more than last year (entries can be made by individuals, groups or entire classes).”

“We will definitely consider using Avant Card again given the reach and exposure it offers for us to connect with our – hard to reach – target audience.”

About Screen It
Screen It was originally conceived by an ACMI employee as part of their Masters assessment. Due to its phenomenal success, it became a permanent fixture at ACMI; an annual moving image competition for primary and secondary school-aged students. Entrants create live action films, animations and videogames that are judged by industry professionals. In 2014 Screen It celebrated its 10-year anniversary.