Special Finishes

A truly creative medium, special postcard finishes can be delivered in a broad range of vibrant executions…

Rubix Card

A flip postcard to reveal four panels “stages”


Allow the viewer to see different images depending on the angle at which they view it, further information and pricing.

Digital Activation

Add Shazam to your next card and link your postcard to videos links and ticket purchases.


Seeded Card

A postcard infused with seeds that can be planted.

Melbourne Water


A metallised reflective finish using a high quality film lamination.


A metallic effect in a variety of colours.

Sleeves & Photo Frames

‘Pull here’ or ‘insert here’, creating interactive and memorable postcards.

Score, Perf & Tear-Off

Ideal for special offers, redemption offers, keeping part and/or sending part.


Personalise the shape within or around the edge of your postcard.


Transform your postcard into a stand-alone, three-dimensional feature.

Advent Window

Add windows, doors or any shape that opens up to reveal more information.

Glow in the Dark

Illuminate your design with a fluorescent glow in the dark spot coating.

Spot UV

A smooth, glossy layer applied to a specific area. The traditional UV coating is a non degradable/bio-degradable product, however still may to be recycled when used as a Spot UV coverage. Too much or all over UV coated stock cannot be re-pulped. If an all over coating effect is desired Avant Card recommends EckoKote.

EckoKote: An environmentally friendly laminating film that is oxo-biodegradable which means it breaks down under light and oxygen to small particles in much the same way as biodegradable shopping bags. It’s effective, friendly and goes a long way to bringing bio products within reach. Available in Gloss and Matt.


Add a touch of sparkle to your postcard with a glitter.

Scratch & Reveal

‘Scratch and Win’ style (gold or silver) to reveal something underneath.


Add tactile shapes and textures to desired areas.


Choose from our library scents or bring your own scented slurry.

Attach anything

Beauty samples, food and beverage products, tattoos, magnets and more.

Sticker Cards

Full postcard size sticker or top cut (kiss cut) desired shapes.

Tattoo Attachment

We produce stick-on tattoos, let the your brand stick with your audience.

Pantone Colour & Fluoro

Spot colours for vibrancy that’s not achievable by CMYK print.


Three to eight postcards scored or perforated then folded to card size fit our displays.

Webkey Card

USB incorporated into your card



Simple and compact concertina fold.