Shazam connects Avant Card campaigns to premium multimedia experiences of your brand.

Unlock additional content, interactive experiences, special offers, and much more. See and scan our previous campaigns below to see it for yourself!

See it, Shazam it.

Now you can ‘Shazam’ with the camera icon on the Homescreen whenever you see the Shazam camera logo printed on an Avant Card. Shazam is the established leader in audio recognition. Now using the app, audiences can simply hold and scan their mobile devices over Avant Card campaign visuals, to experience more. We’re offering two activation options:

Direct to site: Drive audiences to existing mobile optimised content.
Native tile: Drive audiences to existing mobile optimised content.

You can link to:
• rich mobile content
• Ticket Sales
• videos
• app downloads
• forms & competitions
• social media sharing

Current Campaigns

See how it works! Contact a campaign manager to receive a sample and scan them for yourself using the Shazam app on your smartphone.

Universal Music Australia
Acoustic Rewind

Brisbane Marketing
Campaign Name: Christmas in Brisbane



University of Melbourne
Exchange Issue #3


The Australian Ballet

Campaign Name: The Australian Ballet Season 2016

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