Postcard Design

Working with postcard media is our team’s specialty. Avant Card’s fully equipped in-house design studio is driven by highly skilled and innovative designers, who can help deliver your campaign message creatively and effectively.

Design Studio Folio

Creative Process

Led by Head of Design, is Fabian Faraone, assisted by Production Co-coordinator and Graphic Designer, Adair Imrie, they use a broad range of visual genres and ideas to create communication that demands attention.

Avant Card carries great respect for the creative process, we regard this as a conversation of ideas. With each campaign our Design Studio works closely with you and your Campaign Manager. We oversee every aspect of your campaign to ensure that high standards are achieved.

Speak to the Design Studio

Mock-Up Design

Mock-up Design is a free service best suited to clients who have an existing advertising campaign and wish to see how their message can be translated to the postcard medium. We provide this free service because we believe in the power of postcard media.

Layout Design

This service is best suited for clients with existing advertising material who would like Avant Card to maximise the creative for postcard media. Avant Card charges a flat rate layout fee.

  Design Type
 Fee Images
  Postcard x 2 designs   $800   Client Supplied

Campaign Design

Provide Avant Card with your design brief and we’ll bring your ideas to life. We’ll work with you from the initial concept stage to ensure that your message stands out and resonates with your target audience.

Fee Additional RF Image Cost
 Postcard x 3 concepts $1,800 $300-$1,200
 Postcard Series x 3 concepts from $2,500 Determined by brief
 Mini-Mag x 1 design from $2,000 Determined by brief
 Folded Poster x 1 design from $2,000 Determined by brief

Campaign Pitch

Campaign Pitch transcends postcard media – we can answer your integrated campaign brief. Let us throw our hat in the ring. Bring your campaign brief to Avant Card for appraisal and we can begin a one-on-one creative discussion. We review your requirements with you; draw on our stakeholder’s experience and deliberate solutions; we present these solutions to you for feedback; together we refine the solution and budget; execute the design and deliver.

Costs quoted are +GST. Image Type RF (royalty- free) can be used without the need to pay royalties to the creator while RM (Rights Managed) allows time and use of the imagery as specified by the creators license. Cancellation of  Layout Design, Campaign Design and Campaign Pitch will incur a 75% fee (not including image allowance). Copyright and artwork files remains ownership of Avant Card, clients may not reproduce them in any way without Avant Card’s authority. Costs quoted include a press ready PDF to be delivered to the client upon completion of job (upon request). If the client requires ownership and copyright of artwork files an Intellectual Property fees applies, price on application.