Avant Card provides a creative and visually appealing media format that touches consumers in their everyday environment – where they dine, drink and socialise, allowing them to opt into brands with an open mindset.

Since its inception in 1992, Avant Card has positioned itself strongly as an out of home medium within the Australian media landscape, reaching 6.1 million people each week. With a strategically built national distribution network that consists of a diverse range of venues and coverage, targeting niche or mass consumer groups.

The main products:

1. Postcards
2. Mini-Mags
3. Folded Posters
4. Branded Display Banners (BDBs)

Services we offer:

1. National Distribution Network
2. Design Studio
3. Special Print Campaigns
4. Post Campaign Reports & Proof of Posting

Campaign Media Cycle

Avant Card Campaign Media Cycle
Above timings based on Postcard Campaign,
Mini-Mags and Folder Posters are on display for 6-8 weeks.

Successful since 1992

Reach your audience:

• Reach 6.1 million people per week
• Access Australia-wide with new venues added and updated each week
• Exclusive advertising media in majority of venues
• Strategic campaign planning to communicate with your mass or niche market
• Targeted venue selection
• or widespread saturation
• Environmentally and ethically sound

Penetrate the market:

• Allow your message to be self-selected by a relevant audience interested in what’s on offer
• Reach consumers where they live, play and shop with an open mindset
• A long life span, continuing to impact as cards are kept and passed on
• Make advertising beautiful and it won’t be cast aside by “media-savvy blinders”
• Actively sought-out, selected and shared, displayed at work and home

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