Postcard of the Month May13

University of the Sunshine Coast

Ben Growns

About the judge, Ben Growns: I’m currently the Creative Director at Fuel, a Melbourne-based ad agency. After being sidetracked by an entirely unplanned career for many years, I kicked off as copywriter officially with an ad for laxatives (which is probably still running in Women’s Weekly).

Good postcard advertising is: Postcards (like Corona) are supposed to take you to a place you’d rather be; for me, postcard advertising should try to do the same. Don’t just use the postcard’s space, understand and use the physical space the cards will be seen in; often busy, social, fun environments.

The winner is: There was a clear top three for me, however the winner this month is the University of Sunshine Coast’s scholarship postcard. Yes it’s a visual pun, however it’s also bright, visually interesting and offers the most instant intrigue. It’s the one I’d pick up first.

Client:  Karyn Brinkley, Director of Marketing & Communications
Design Studio: Avant Card Design Studio