Postcard of the Month August 2013

Seymour Centre

Sian Binde

This month’s judge is Sian Binder, Head of Art, at BMF Sydney.

A bit about Sian: Sian Binder is the Head of Art at BMF, “ which is a fancy title for a simple job.” She oversees the crafting and design of campaigns and makes sure the work they produce looks good. Sian has worked in advertising in Australia and Asia for about 13 years in agencies. “I am a giant type nerd and in my spare time I draw letters.”

“ I believe good postcard advertising makes someone put his or her coffee down and pick it up. Once it’s in their hands it prompts further action.  Good postcard advertising defies its original purpose, people want to keep it, not post it,” says Sian.

And the August 2013 winner is… “Happy as Larry” by the Seymour Centre.

“I have to give an honourable mention to the ultimo science festival for the pop up Einstein now sitting on my desk. But my pick this month is Happy as Larry by the Seymour Centre. The product is a dance production with roller-skating thrown in. Fun brief.  There’s no big insight in this piece, just an offer for discounted tickets. But it’s delivered in a way that makes you smile just like the production will.”

“It stood out from the pack because it’s more than just a tiny billboard, it’s interactive, and who doesn’t love a doodling opportunity? The production is all about happiness and so is the postcard; the design is delivered in the right tone of voice.”

The postcard is direct response; doodle for discounted tickets.

Client: Seymour Centre
Marketing Manager & Copywriter: Melinda Maillard & Anne Brito
Designer: Avant Card