February 2014 Postcard of the Month


Trevor Brennan

February’s  judge is Trevor Brennan, Creative Director at Voodoo Creative, a bit about Trevor:
Trevor’s career has seen him working on creative projects for well-known international brands like Microsoft, Tiger Beer, Semi-permanent and Google. He took the path to creative director when he started as Voodoo Creative’s first employee back when it was only a two-man start-up. His passion for digital design and producing high-quality crafted solutions has contributed towards building Voodoo into an award winning multidisciplinary agency that continues to deliver unique work in the friendly and honest fashion you’d normally expect from smaller boutique studios.

“I’m a firm believer that design should be honest. Not just the aesthetic qualities of minimalism or hierarchy in a creative concept, but the communication behind it and the people involved in producing it,” says Trevor.

And the February 2014 winner is…
‘Cold Turkey’ for iCanQuit by Cancer Institute NSW

Why this card?
“I like the eureka effect with this card. The turkey in the snow seems quite abstract at first but when you see the campaign message on the back about ‘going cold turkey’ it’s cute. There is a level of interaction involved that is a bit more memorable than saturating the front of the card with an easy to consume message.

While this card has a call to action on it ‘Head to iCanQuit.com.au’ it’s not the main focus. I think it would probably lean further in the direction of a branding campaign. Something the audience might hang on to, creating a cognitive link to the iCanQuit brand.”

About good postcard advertising: “I think postcards should be a keepsake medium. Something you want to pick up, take home, and pin up on your corkboard. There is a fine balance there between creating something with a heavy commercial message and something someone will want to keep.

Client: Cancer Institute NSW
Project Officer: Kim Brodie
Design Studio: Avant Card