Distribution Cycle

A strategically planned and managed Distribution Cycle will achieve maximum exposure and the highest pick-up rates possible.

Distribution Network – Audience or Venue

The scope of the venue network allows clients to utilise the Avant Card medium to target specific consumer groups. Depending on campaign objectives, various packages are available or campaigns can be custom-designed to reach both highly-targeted audience segments and broad mass markets. You can choose a specific audience segment from our Audience Network or select venue types from our Venue Network. Campaigns can also be geographically and sociologically designed to minimise wastage and maximise impact. Your Campaign Manager can assist in planning a campaign that meets your objectives.

Campaign Life

In conjunction with our print run schedule, Avant Card works to a 2 week distribution cycle that sees postcard campaigns on display up to 4 weeks for Postcards, and up to 8 Weeks for Folded Posters and Mini-Mags.

Postcard Initial Release, 2 weeks
All campaigns are guaranteed an initial 2 weeks on display at a selection of venues that meet the criteria specified on the campaign booking sheet. During this period, every venue is serviced at least once per fortnight, with popular and busy venues replenished up to 3 times per week.

Postcard Top up & Redistribution, 2 weeks
Continued distribution of a campaign may take place in either or both of the following ways:

  1. Top up: Distributors continue to top up the campaign in venues that have seen a good pick-up rate during the initial release period, extending market exposure.
  2. Redistribution: Distributors remove any remaining cards from existing locations and redistribute them to other appropriate venues, extending the breadth of the campaign.

Folded Posters & Mini-Mags
Campaign cycle is similar for other Avant Card products although the initial campaign period is longer:

  • Folded Posters: Initial Release: 4 weeks, additional release: up to 2 additional weeks
  • Mini-Mags: Initial Release: 6 weeks, additional release: up to 2 additional weeks

Extended Campaign Duration
Should you wish your campaign to have extended duration, you can book in for staggered distribution that will see your card being distributed over a number of cycles or releases. You can choose to have these over consecutive fortnights or staggered over a longer period of time. For more than two releases, we strongly recommend the use of multiple creative to ensure that your campaign remains fresh and relevant in displays.

Note: Avant Card cannot guarantee that all cards will be picked up. Creative is the key to a successful campaign.

Post Campaign Reporting

Following each campaign, you are provided with a Post Campaign Report so you can objectively measure campaign success.

During the distribution phase of the campaign the Avant Card bar-coding system uses a sophisticated tool known as 8000 Series Cipher Lab to report on: the number of venues in which the card was placed, the number of cards placed in each venue and the duration of distribution.

Our expert distribution team also reports on the pick-up rate and gathers anecdotal feedback about your campaign from our distributors and venue proprietors All this information is packaged into a comprehensive, user-friendly PDF format report.

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