Audience Network

To effectively target specific consumer groups via our Venue Network, we offer the following category types.


Audience Profile: a professional audience including SINKS / DINKS / AB demographic in high volume. Prevalent Areas: key venues within the CBD, urban areas, affluent suburbs and business districts. Venue types: cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums, galleries.

Cafe Society

Audience Profile:  the coffee-loving, socialising, money-spending public around the country. Prevalent Areas: More than 65% of our venues are gorgeous cafes that attract a wide cross-section of Australian society. Avant Card has cafes on board in both metro and regional locations to tap into your geographic and sociographic needs. Venue types: a massive range of cafes varying in location, atmosphere and clientele.  You tell us your target audience and we’ll select the right cafes for your campaign.

Arts and Culture

Audience Profile: Specifically targeting an affluent, early adopting segment with an interest in arts, entertainment and culture. Prevalent Areas: predominantly metro-based in and around key entertainment districts (with the option for some pretty funky regional cafes as well). Venue Types: theatres, museums, galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants, arthouse cinemas.

Gay and Lesbian (GLBTIQ)

Audience Profile: the inner city professional, fashionable, gay community. Prevalent Areas: high visibility within gay-friendly districts in cities across Australia. Venue types: cafes, restaurants, universities, cinemas, bars, clubs, galleries, museums, theatres, gyms.

University Students and Youth

Audience Profile:  a new generation of 18+ early adopters that are making brand and lifestyle choices. Prevalent Areas: Universities, TAFEs, colleges, student-frequented venues in and around campuses and other cultural youth focus points. Venue types: Universities, TAFEs and colleges, student frequented cafes and restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, galleries, museums.


Audience Profile:  traditional and modern families of all economic backgrounds. Prevalent Areas: access to high volume family areas in both the inner and outer suburbs. Venue types: retail areas, cinemas, family entertainment venues including family-friendly cafes and restaurants.

High School Students

Audience Profile: high school students learning about themselves, the world around them and what brands will stay with them through life. Network: With more than 200 schools on board, Avant Card is able to offer exclusive reach into this niche market. The network includes an ever-growing list of private, co-ed, public and government schools in a range of great suburbs across Australia.


Audience Profile: a desirable consumer group with time on their hands and money to spend in Australian cities. Prevalent Areas: tourism hot spots, Australia-wide (metro and regional). Venue Types: travel centres (including airports), tourist attractions, cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries.


Audience Profile: those living in or visiting regional Australia. Prevalent Areas: Regional hot spots, Australia-wide. Venue Types: cafes, museums and galleries located in regional areas.


Reach and exposure to mass markets is the key objective, either within specific states or nation-wide. Distribution is across all Avant Card venue types.

Campaign Team

From start to finish, all Avant Card campaigns are strategically planned and managed to achieve maximum exposure and the highest pick-up rates possible.

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