Venue Network

June 2017 Coverage

All venues are strategically chosen based on a number of criteria: the amount of people frequenting the venue; the demographic of the audience at the venue; and the positioning of our displays in-situ.

Venue Types
Weekly Visitation:
Weekly Reach:

Cafes & Bars   1,076            
Cafes   1021     1,700   1,735,700  
Bars   55     2,335   128,425  

Arts & Culture   229            
Community*   53     3,000   159,000  
Galleries & Museums   48     5,900   283,200  
Cinemas   42     7,660   321,720  
Theatres   40     1,300   52,000  
Libraries   30     2,000   58,000  
Tourism*   16     35,000   560,000  

Universities   147            
Universities   113     18,600   2,101,800  
Tafe   34     9,025   297,825  

Total Venues:   1,537        


Access Avant Card’s exclusive cafe real estate

Between 2008 – 2014 Australians’ spending at cafes, restaurants and food services has increased by 30% (ABS, Neilsen 2014)
Avant Card has over 1000 cafes in in our national venue network with a weekly visitation of 1700 people and a weekly reach of 1,790,100.
Connect with this hard to reach audience while they are in a receptive state of mind.

Download the National Venue Network List or view below:

*Community denotes: Arts & Youth Centres, Markets, Retail Sites & Shopping Centres. Tourism denotes: Visitor Centres, Airports, Zoos, Aquariums & the MCG! Reach results as verified by Woolcot Research.


Cafes & Bars

Postcards in Cafes & Bars are the core of the Avant Card national venues network, making up the majority of our venues.

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Arts & Culture

Reach people in arts and culture venues, Avant Card is proud part of the Australian arts and culture scene.

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University & Tafe


Avant Card is the largest out of home media operator located in the highest number of universities, TAFEs and colleges across Australia.

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