Postcard Awards: Judges Tips

Each year, Avant Card’s Postcard of the Year Awards is judged by a selection of the advertising industry’s top creative minds. We’ve taken the top tips over the years to help you make sure your campaign is a contender for next year’s grand prize.

Stand out from the crowd

Your postcard is competing against a display full of other postcards so make sure it stands out from the pack and speaks to your target audience. Does it include simple, direct and effective communication that immediately cuts through and grabs attention?


In addition to standing out, your postcard has to urge the audience to reach forward and pluck it from the display.  Whether it’s a visual, interesting copy, an offer or a unique execution, that’s up to you… just make it irresistible.

Hip pocket value and take home quality

After it’s been picked up, you want your postcard to be pocketed and taken home. Make sure it is of value to the audience for longer than the initial interaction, ie. is there enough space on the back of the postcard for people to write a simple message on it? Will it look good pinned to a workstation/a bedroom wall/stuck on the fridge or put inside a frame to be displayed at home?

Engagement & Activation

Avant Cards are advertising, so you should be aiming firstly for brand engagement and then activation. Include a clear call to action to extend the audience experience beyond the postcard. Does your postcard motivate the audience to go to the next level?

Make it Viral

Postcards are printed viral messaging. A great campaign is picked up and passed on. Make your message matter enough to be shared and your postcard attractive enough for people to want to share it.

Be Visual

People gravitate to postcards that attract their eye; they aren’t looking for an advertising message. Focus your creative on bold graphic design, powerful imagery and being initially visually stimulating rather than delivering every detail in one hit. Once the consumer is hooked, they’ll search for the details they need.

Be Memorable

Make your postcard something that is remembered and talked about during and long after the campaign period. This is the sign of a truly great campaign that has hit the mark.

Reflect your brand

A number of special finishes and different types of printing technology mean you can choose a postcard that reflects something individual to your brand, product, service or event. Sticker postcards, seeded postcards, CD postcards, webkey and lenticular postcards are just some of the choices available.

Want to design a campaign that really speaks to your target audience? The team at the Avant Card design studio are the specialists for the job! Talk to our Creative Director for rate and to scope your postcard campaign.

These tips have been written by Avant Card based on information provided by judges pertaining to their thoughts on ‘good postcard advertising’. No information above is a direct quote from any of the judges mentioned.