Avant Card Our Government Clients

April 12th, 2017 by Avant Card

Ever since our very first print run in 1992, we have worked with government agencies. In fact, government agencies currently make up our second largest client group.

Pat Mackle, Avant Card Managing Director: “We work with local, state and Federal government organisations across a broad range of services from the Australian Taxation Office to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), from the Department of Health to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.”

“Our first government client appeared in our very first print run in 1992. Card #8 was for the Australian Tourist Commission.”

Sarah Collard, Campaign Manager NSW & ACT, works with our ACT-based government clients. “I enjoy working with different government departments. It allows me to work across various topics and issues that can impact a state or the whole nation at a time.”

Recent campaigns that showcase the scope of our government agency clients, as well as what they promote, include ‘Be involved / Lead the way’ for Queensland Women’s Week 2017, ‘Pick Me Up’ for Immunise Melbourne, ‘Be safe in the knowledge’ for the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, and the ‘Can I chuck these in my yellow bin?’ and ‘We Make Party Bodies 360 Card’, both for City of Sydney (the latter won January 2017 Postcard of the Month).

Pat offers insight into why government agencies make up our second largest client group. “We are a tangible touchpoint that speaks directly to a consumer, in this digital age that comes and goes in an instant. We have stood the test of time and our product has longevity. It’s a self-selecting media that people take away because the postcards are valuable, we connect brands to consumers and the brand is in their hands. Combined with the fact that we are an ethical company with excellent environmental credentials, as well as being a trusted media brand with over 25 years of experience in the out-of-home industry.”

At Avant Card, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality print media solutions for our clients. As an out-of-home media company, printing is a fundamental aspect of the service we offer and one in which we continue to grow and innovate. We attribute our consistently good print results to our partner printer company SOS Print + Media Group.

SOS Print + Media Group is an approved supplier for government agencies, and has been for ten years. For our valued government clients, this means the assurance of a government agency approved printing company being used for all Avant Card campaigns. Our first campaign with SOS Print + Media Group was in the sunny January of 2009 – an 8pp mini mag for Space Chimps.

On memorable government campaigns, Pat says “I really love the Department of Foreign Affairs ‘Passport Communications’ campaign that we designed, featuring a kangaroo and joey going on holidays!”

Sarah reflects on her favourite government campaign. “Too hard to pick! We did just do a beautiful postcard for the Department of the Environment and Energy for their Australia State of Environment Report 2016. The front of the postcard is a stunning photograph of the Kimberley coastline by Sheldon Pettit and it looked absolutely stunning in our displays. I really love that the photography is what draws people in!”