Approved printers for Government agencies

August 25th, 2014 by Avant Card

SOS Print + Media Group – Approved Printer for Government Agencies
At Avant Card, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality print media solutions for our clients. As an out of home media company, printing is a fundamental aspect of the service we offer and one in which we continue to grow and innovate.  We attribute our consistently good print results to our partner printer company SOS Print + Media Group.  Our strong relationship allows us to seamlessly work together as part of the print and production process for every client project.

A bit about SOS Print + Media Group

A stone’s throw from the Avant Card Head Office, SOS Print + Media Group is located in Alexandria NSW. Founded in 1976, it is now one of the largest independent print companies in Australia employing over 100 experienced staff members.  SOS Print + Media Group has been at the forefront of technological innovation being one of the first companies to offer true print on demand and to combine offset and digital printing long before conventional printers. Today, SOS Print + Media Group offers a broad range of products and services including commercial and digital printing services together with a significant in-house bindery, warehousing, fulfilment, pre-press department and IT services.

Government Agency Approved
SOS Print + Media Group is an approved supplier for government agencies. For government clients, this means the assurance of a government agency approved printing company being used for Avant Card campaigns.

Quality Assurance and Environmental Assurance
SOS Print + Media Group is quality assured to ISO AS/NZ 9001 and 9002. Certified in 1997, they are subject to half yearly revisions conducted by external auditors. In 2006 SOS Print + Media Group’s environmental procedures were certified to ISO 14001 and in January 2007 SOS gained approval for the Chain of Custody (COC) implemented by the Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC). The group is also PEFC certified and recently achieved ISO 12647 colour certification demonstrating SOS Print + Media Group’s ongoing commitment to quality control and environmentally sound practices. SOS Print + Media Group also supports a number of charities and community groups as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Working Together
The team at Avant Card work hard with SOS Print + Media staff to ensure the consistent quality of Avant Card campaign print results. An Avant Card design team member attends press checks for every print run to ensure high print standards are maintained. The Avant Card distribution coordinator also liaises closely with SOS Print + Media at the end of each print run to ensure that dispatch and delivery take place in a timely and efficient manner. Together, Avant Card and SOS Print + Media Group ensure that the highest standards are met from initial booking phase through to printing and delivery.

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