Avant Card was established in 1992 with just ten Sydney cafes on board as distribution venues.

At that time it was the only Postcard advertising company in Australia and the eighth to be established in the world. Since then more than 70 postcard media companies have been established worldwide. Today Avant Card offers an extensive distribution network of venues across Australia

Started as a one person enterprise, Avant Card has expanded to become a national company employing more than 28 staff. Over the years it has acquired all 7 of its Australian competitors to maintain its position as the industry leader.

Archive Photo – Founder, Pat Mackle
Archive Photo: Pat Mackle. Founder



Managing Director

Pat is the founder and Managing Director of Avant Card established in 1992. Pat is in a unique position of having more than 30 years experience working in the advertising and creative industries…

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Avant Card Financial Director: Wendy Mackle
Financial Director

Wendy is the younger sister of Pat and very much the grounding energy of the business…

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