Avant Card was established in 1992 with just ten Sydney cafes on board as distribution venues.

At that time it was the only Postcard advertising company in Australia and the eighth to be established in the world. Since then more than 70 postcard media companies have been established worldwide. Today Avant Card offers an extensive distribution network of venues across Australia

Started as a one person enterprise, Avant Card has expanded to become a national company employing more than 28 staff. Over the years it has acquired all 7 of its Australian competitors to maintain its position as the industry leader.

Archive Photo – Founder, Pat Mackle
Archive Photo: Pat Mackle. Founder

A good fit across all industry types, Avant Card can be used to create campaigns for clients including: advertising, media and marketing agencies; arts and cultural organisations; SME’s, major corporations and multinationals; charity and not for profits; federal, state and local government. Avant Card is a versatile, out of home media company and in a prime position to reach your target audience.

We pride ourselves on working with clients that share our values for a fairer, greener and more peaceful world. Our reputation as a responsible advertising company is well known and respected. Our aim at Avant Card is to ensure that the postcard medium continues to be relevant, valuable, innovative, sought after, and most importantly remains an ever-evolving genre.

Archive Photo: Myer Miss Shop


At Avant Card, we are committed to producing ethical advertising. Our mantra is only to produce and distribute advertising that is based on values and principles that are morally, socially and environmentally responsible.

Our Primary Aims Are:

• to ensure the business of our clients is ethical
• to avoid clients that, to our knowledge, unnecessarily harm people, animals or the environment
• to distribute images and messages onto our displays that are appropriate

Being Green

At Avant Card, our ethical approach also encompasses a commitment to working in an environmentally responsible way. As a company producing paper based products, we continually seek to provide our customers with a high quality product that has as low an environmental impact as possible. We take the issue of sustainability seriously and only use FSC (Forestry Stewardship Certification) accredited stock, operate a fully electronic administrative software system and recycle all our paper and board through commercial recycling contractors. We work with clients to identify opportunities to enhance sustainable methods of producing marketing, communication, and printing collateral. We contract printers who use sustainable work practices such as use of vegetable-based inks, reductions in water used in production, and compliance of FSC.

Community Sponsorship

At Avant Card, we are committed to the wider community and fully sponsor one organization per print run with a postcard – a selection of which can be found in all Avant Card displays around Australia. Part sponsored campaigns for community programs are also available. For more information, please visit our Community Sponsorship page.